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Terason portable ultrasound equipment allows the radiologist the convenience and flexibility of a small ultrasound machine without significantly compromising image quality, as compared to top-of-the-line cart-based systems. Exquisite detail of musculoskeletal soft tissues and bone surfaces, dynamic scanning capability, and a full complement of Doppler functionality provides the radiologist with the means of obtaining images they can interpret with confidence. Compound imaging, Dynamic Depth Resolution, and beam steering make needle guidance a pleasure. Musculoskeletal radiologists not currently using ultrasound will appreciate the many complementary uses of ultrasound with MRI, as well as some its alternative uses: patients unable to undergo MRI can typically undergo ultrasound exams; artifacts from metal that degrade MRI and CT images are not an issue with ultrasound; dynamic ultrasound allows real-time imaging of tissue movement, which is difficult or impossible to do with MRI or CT.

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