The Bears are once again loaded

OUTLOOK: The Bears are once again loaded with proven talent. Plus, they’ve been dropped back down to Class A after one season in Class AA. Now they can actually try to defend their 2004 Section 1, Class A title. Know What to ExpectBunnies are so freaking adorable. Let’s all get one! Well, no. Actually, when I talk to anyone who is considering getting a pet rabbit, I always try first to talk them out of it.

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fake oakleys Two years after he co founded the Packers with Curly Lambeau, George Calhoun began writing a piece called The Dope Sheet, which served as the official press release and game program from 1921 24. The Green Bay Packers’ 2012 season officially kicks off Thursday night when they travel to San Diego to take on the Chargers in a preseason contest at fake oakleys Qualcomm Stadium, the first time the clubs have squared off in the preseason since 2006. The ’06 preseason meeting between the teams also came in San Diego and was the head coaching debut of Green Bay’s Mike McCarthy. fake oakleys

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