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Stajduhar leads the returnees with 75 hits, 53 RBIs, 21 doubles and nine home runs. Senior left hander Colton Thomson returns to the mound for New Mexico in 2016 after an elbow injury sidelined him last year. Thomson threw 88.0 innings in 15 starts for UNM in 2014 and ended up with a 6 6 record and 3.68 earned run average..

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replica oakleys But he may take issue with Jordan’s frequent absences from MCI Center during the season. Methinks the current boss, Pollin, and the future boss, Ted Leonsis, would like to see Jordan around more often instead of taking a week here and there to go home to Chicago or attend some function. But Jordan doesn’t want to be trotted out like Willie Mays, gladhanding the big wheels and smoking cigars with Pollin’s friends replica oakleys.

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