Ladle hot cider into cups and place a skewer of fruit in each

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cheap prada bags Cut orange into 1/8 inch thick slices. Thread 4 or 5 raisins and an orange slice lengthwise onto eight bamboo skewers. Ladle hot cider into cups and place a skewer of fruit in each. You will need: a feed bag Sewing Machine (thread)ruler (if you wanna be picky)Free (if you use the feed, and potential profit if sold at farmer’s markets)9 19$ if you purchase the feed just for the bag Cheap Prada, but most people will happily give theirs away!I made this entire bag INCLUDING time to take pictures for this instructable in 50 minutes. Without stopping to take pictures (or measure exactly) I can finish one in about 40 minutes. This is literally the first sewing project I have ever started to try to reuse some of our bags and I have made about 10 of these so far. cheap prada bags

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cheap prada No fuss foodHave kids for dinner. Pizza is still king of sleepover fare, and for good reason it’s easy for you, and most kids like it. Luckily, kids at this age love to help out in the kitchen, so you can turn dinner preparation into a bona fide activity cheap prada.

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