“It an unconventional way of doing smash and grabs

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Replica Yves Saint Laurent Bags News 2 Investigates Mornings On 2 Contests Weather Sports About Us Web Links Chinese New Year KTVUPlus Entertainment Crime Files Traffic Frank on Facebook Trending Oakland Warehouse FireRelated Stories Patriots comeback beats Falcons in Super Bowl LI Travelers arrive in US to hugs and tears after ban Police say suspect dead in police shooting Hazardous weather to bring rain, winds SundaySAN FRANCISCO (KTVU) San Francisco Police have released surveillance video of a band of thieves breaking into a high end camera store along Fisherman Wharf early this morning.The robbers were able to access the store using their van, in what police are calling a “crash and grab.”In the video YSL Replica Bags, four suspects can be seen backing a white van onto the sidewalk in front of the Electronic City camera store on the corner of Leavenworth and Jefferson shortly before three o this morning. They appear to attach a pole to the vehicle, using it as a battering ram to bust into the shop.”It an unconventional way of doing smash and grabs,” said Officer Carlos Manfredi. “On the footage you see three suspects with three large bags enter inside and grab as many items as they possibly can and in under four minutes they are able to successfully take as many items as they could, jump back into the van and take off before police showed up.”This afternoon Replica Yves Saint Laurent, the manager of the store, Luis Lopez, was still cleaning up. Replica Yves Saint Laurent Bags

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