had a positive attitude

“I think he’s had a positive attitude about it,” junior forward Hayden Dalton said. “He’s come out and, he hasn’t contributed as much as he had sometimes, but I think that’s fine and he’s still out there contributing. Just because he doesn’t score as much, doesn’t mean that he’s not contributing.

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wholesale jerseys These money games allow a program to help balance its budget.Ideally, UND would like to schedule guarantee games in which the team could bus to the destination in an effort to trim travel costs.However, schools such as Minnesota, Wisconsin and Iowa have adopted policies that say they won’t schedule a school with a nickname that isn’t compliant with the NCAA.That makes UND a bit hand cuffed in its selection of guarantee games.”Those are three quality programs that are taken out of the mix,” Jones said of Minnesota, Wisconsin and Iowa. “We can continue to play some of the same teams within the area, but fans, players and coaches want variety. That might make us have to travel a little further and that means more money out of the budget.”The basketball teams are relatively unharmed when it comes to the NCAA’s penalty of not being able to host an NCAA tournament event.The NCAA tournament, if UND would receive a bid, is hosted at regional sites.UND, however, would have to enter the tournament without the nickname and logo. wholesale jerseys

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