• What is it?Modern musculoskeletal ultrasound uses safe, non-invasive, high frequency sound waves to produce amazingly detailed, high resolution, real-time images of the musculoskeletal system.
  • Why is it important?Nazarian, Levon. The Top 10 Reasons Musculoskeletal Sonography Is an Important Complementary or Alternative Technique to MRI. AJR. June 2008; 190(6):1621-1626.
    1. Every Patient Can Undergo an Ultrasound
    2. Sonography Can Resolve Finer Details than MRI
    3. Sonography Allows Real-Time Dynamic Examination of the Patient
    4. The Ultrasound Probe Can Be Placed Exactly Where It Hurts
    5. Sonography Can Effectively Image Patients with Surgical Hardware
    6. Doppler Sonography Gives Important Physiologic Information
    7. Sonography Is Better for Differentiating Fluid from Solid Material
    8. Sonography Is Better for Guiding Therapeutic Interventions
    9. Sonography Facilitates Bilateral Comparison
    10. Sonography Has a More Flexible Field of View
  • Who uses it?
    Sports MedicineOrthopedic Surgeons
    RheumatologistPain Management
    Physical TherapyPodiatry